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FRZ MT4 Binance Connector is an EA designed to connect MT4 and Binance via Binance API. With this tool you can open or close trades on Binance via MT4 manually or copy the MT4 trades from another MT4 EA to Binance. This works on both spot and futures (USDS-M) market.

*In order to use this product, you need to have the corresponding crypto pair on your MT4 provided by your forex broker. For instance, if you want to trade BTCUSDT on Binance from MT4, you need to have BTCUSD pair on your MT4 and so on. Also note USD and USDT are not the same and therefore there can be some price differences between MT4 BTCUSD and Binance BTCUSDT; If you trade on the lower timeframes like 1 or 5 minute chart, the price difference can be significant.

**If your MT4 broker does not offer a particular crypto pair, we recommend you look at other forex brokers who offer a wider range of crypto pairs. Forex brokers who offer many crypto pairs on MT4 include FBS, Octafx, Libertex, SFEX & HYCM.

***If you get an error like “Timestamp for this request was 1000ms ahead of the server’s time”, you may reduce your PC/VPS time by few seconds and try again.

This will be useful to anyone who is familiar with MT4 and its wide availability of EAs, indicators and tools for technical analysis. Whenever you open a trade on Binance, the same trade will be opened on Binance on the corresponding pair. The tool can be used with any MT4 crypto pair to open trades on corresponding pair on Binance.

NB: The free version has no restriction on manual trades but there is a trade limit on auto copying trades from another chart/EA. Please get the pro version the remove limits.

Copying Trades from another EA to Binance.
Example: Assume you have an EA running on MT4 BTCUSD H1 Chart and you want to copy the trades to Binance BTCUSDT futures market, then open another BTCUSD chart and load our EA to that chart. Then simply enable copy trades under our EA settings. Then all the trades on MT4 EA will be copied to Binance futures.

  • What is supported: Trade entries with optional TP/SL.
  • What is not supported: Trailing stop, breakeven and other advanced functions.

Please note that actual prices on Binance can be somewhat different from MT4 (Spot price differences would be less but futures price differences could be considerable if you use short time frames like M1 & M5 or use too small take profit or stop loss).

Video Guides

Below video was for v1 which has manual spot trading only.


Operational differences from MT4 to Binance

  • Closing trades on MT4

Closing an opened spot trade on MT4 is equivalent to an opposite trade on Binance. For instance if you close a BTCUSD trade on MT4, the equivalent action on Binance would be a sell trade on BTCUSDT with the same volume.

  • Stop loss and take profit on Binance

Take profit and stop loss on MT4 will also be equivalent to opposite trades on spot Binance. For instance, if you buy BTCUSD 01 lot on MT4 at $50,000 spot rate and place stop loss at 40,000 and take profit at 60,000, the EA will open a corresponding BTCUSDT buy trade at Binance at the spot rate that existed at that time. If the price reached $60,000, MT4 would close the trade while on Binance a sell trade will be triggered with the same volume as the buy trade. Similarly, if the price dipped to $40,000, MT4 will execute the stop loss and close the trade while on Binance a BTCUSDT sell trade will be triggered with the same volume as the buy trade.

  • Adding more positions to the same pair on Futures

When you add additional positions on the same pair, Binance will only add to the current position with an average price where as you will get different trades on MT4.


Setting Explanations:

  1. Enable Futures instead of Spot: You can select the spot or futures market here.
  2. Enable Copying MT4 Trades on Binance: Set this as true if you want to copy trades from another chart instead of manual trades.
  3. Enable TP & SL: If you enable this, the TP & SL values of the MT4 trades will be copied to Binance as pending orders. However, it is not necessary to copy TP/SL to Binance as trades will be closed on Binance whenever you close them on MT4.
  4. Lot size:  This is the MT4 lot size.
  5. Binance lot ratio: You can further scale up or down the MT4 lot size on Binance with this feature. For instance if your MT4 lot size is 0.01 (this is often the smallest available on MT4) and Binance lot ratio is 0.1, then if you click on buy button, lot size used on Binance would be 0.01 x 0.1 =0.001
  6. Stop loss (Points): this is the stop loss distance in points.
  7. Take profit (Points): this is the stop loss distance in points.
  8. Binance API: You need to enter your Binance API here
  9. Secret Key: You need to enter your Binance Secret key here
  10. MT4 Pair => Binance Pair: This where you specify the corresponding Binance pair to MT4 pair. Use semi colon after the MT4 pair name. You can add more than one with a comma separated list.

How to Install

  1. Go to MT4 => Options=>Expert Advisers and allow automated trading and under “Allow Web Requests” add
  2. Place the EA file under Experts folder
  3. Refresh/restart the MT4
  4. Go to Binance and create an API and Secret Key and add them under EA settings
  5. Add your MT4 crypto pair and corresponding Binance pair under EA settings

How to Get Binance API
Go to your Binance account. Move the cursor to your profile icon and from the drop down list, select “API Management”. Then create an API with an API key and a Secret key. We will need to enter these two keys under EA Setting.

Also you need to enable Spot & Margin trading and Futures trading.

NB: you may have to create the API before you make the futures account in order to enable futures.

EA Specs

Product name FRZ MT4 Binance Connector
Product type MT4 Expert Adviser
Crypto exchanges / markets supported Currently supports only Binance exchange only. Spot and Futures (USDS-M) supported.
Time frames supported Any
Trading features supported for copying to Binance Trades with TP/SL only. Trailing stop, breakeven, and other advanced features not yet supported.
Supported currency pairs EA works on any crypto pair on MT4 that has a corresponding crypto pair on Binance. E.g. BTCUSD (MT4) => BTCUSDT (Binance)
Current version 3.0
FRZ MT4 Binance Connector Free

3 reviews for FRZ MT4 Binance Connector Free

  1. Jayden P

    Superb. Thank you for making such a great tool for free

  2. Kieth J

    This what I was looking for long time. Thank you!

  3. enis


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Chirag Panchal
10 months 20 days ago

Can we use another EA on those binance charts?

10 months 18 days ago

You cant use two EAs on same MT4 chart

Lidia Podila
6 months 18 days ago

I just downloaded the free demo version. Can I use all the binance symbols or are some limitations?


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