REFUNDS: we offer refunds only if the product does not work on the platform (such as MT4/MT5) that it is supposed to work. No refund is issued simply because the software does not make a profit/return as there is no such guarantee. In case it does not work on its intended platform, you need to provide us access to your system to see if it is properly installed or to see if we can rectify the issue. A refund is made only if we can not rectify the issue within a reasonable period. Any refund request should be brought to our notice within 07 days of the receipt of the product. With regard to Indicator Automater products, we do not refund simply because a particular indicator can not be automated as we have not claimed that it would work for all the indicators. You are requested to make use of DEMO versions and make sure your indicator can be automated before you make the purchase.

RETURNS: Since our products are software, we do not accept any returns.

Full terms & conditions are given here:

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