NB: If you are from a country not accepted by ICMarkets, you can use GrandCapital.

You can deposit a minimum of $500 under our IB/referral with our partner broker and the world’s largest forex broker, ICMarkets to become a member of our VIP Club and enjoy exclusive benefits that include:

  • Lifetime free access to our pro copy trading service (Minimum deposit required: $500)
  • Lifetime free access to all our paid forex EAs (Minimum deposit required: $1000)
  • Lifetime free VPS for running our Pro Copy Service/EAs (Minimum deposit required: $5000)
  • Free 24/7 support & assistance on EA installations, issues & maintenance

After registration and deposit, please submit your details here to get the EAs/services.


Do I have to pay any extra fees to the broker or be subject to any additional fees or conditions if I come under your IB/affiliate? 

No. You get the same spreads, commissions, and other terms just like you trade without an IB/affiliate. There is no difference at all for the trader.  The thing is ICmarkets will pay us a small portion of their spread to us. You get the same spread and it is something that ICMarkets pays us out of their pocket for introducing you to them. 

Can I use any account type?

Unfortunately, VIP services are available for standard accounts only (not for raw spread accounts).

How do I get started?

In case you are registering a new account at ICMarkets:

Go to ICMarkets.com; You just need to make sure you have ticked “I was referred by an Introducing Broker” and then “60207” is added under REFER ID as given below.

In case you are already an ICMarkets customer:

You can ask ICMarkets to transfer your profile to us. You can send the following email to [email protected] with a copy to [email protected]. Do NOT specify any account number in the mail; we do not offer VIP service for specific account numbers.


I wish to transfer my whole ICMarkets profile under the IB code: 60207. Please do the needful and let me know.

In case you are already under an affiliate:

ICMarkets may not allow you to change the IB. In that case, you can simply create a new ICMarkets account with a new email under our IB. ICMarkets allows multiple accounts by a single individual.

After registration and deposit, please submit your details here to get the EAs/services.

Terms and Conditions:

  • We issue EAs for real accounts only. (You may start with small lot sizes if necessary).
  • This offer is available for standard accounts (not raw spread) only.
  • Free EAs are provided if you deposit a minimum of $1000 with ICMarkets.
  • Free VPS is provided if you deposit a minimum of $10000 with ICMarkets and trade at least 10 lots per month.
  • You need to have different trading accounts for each different EA with a minimum balance for the particular EA you need. 
  • This offer is valid for all our forex (not crypto or binary) software and services except Indicator Automaters & prop firm trading EAs.

If you need any clarifications/support in registering a new account, you can use any of the following methods to reach us (text chat only):

Telegram: https://t.me/frzsupport
WhatsApp: +1(307)228-4113

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