Licensing Policy

We license our software (other than free ones) based on the trading account number. The software use is limited to the account number it was licensed. The number of account licenses (license quantity) you purchased determines the number of trading accounts that you can run the software simultaneously.

License quantity is selected on the product page before you add the product to cart as given below.

License use examples:

  • If you buy one (License Quantity=1) account license, then you can use the software only in one trading account at any given time.
  • If you buy two account licenses (License Quantity=2), then you can use the software upto two trading accounts simultaneously.
  • If you buy three account licenses (License Quantity=3), then you can use the software upto three trading accounts simultaneously.

Changes to Trading Accounts

Sometimes, you may want to change the licensed account number/s due to various reasons. In that case, you can transfer an existing account license to a new account number on request at a nominal transfer fee. Even if you buy one account license, you can transfer the license to a new account later on. All license transfers are subject to the nominal transfer fee.

License Activations

License activations/transfers can be done on this link:

NB: Before submitting the details on the above link, please make sure you load the EA/software to your trading account so that the account details will be captured by our licensing server for activation.


Note for customers who purchased before 2023: We earlier had a fixed license system where we issued only 2 account licenses per purchase which were not transferable to a new account number. However, for those customers, we now offer one account license transferred to a new account subject to the transfer fee. i.e. the old customers will be absorbed into the new transferable licensing system as if they purchased one transferable license as a goodwill gesture. 

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