FRZ Ultimate Grid Maker MT4

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FRZ Ultimate Grid Maker is an EA tool that can be used to design and execute different grid trading strategies on Meta Trader. It supports three main types of grid trading namely basic grids, hedged grids, and trend-based grids. Both basic and hedged grids could enable traders to trade without considering the market trend. Once you set your grid strategy and other parameters, the EA will automatically create and manage the grid and its trades. It also features a news filter and a trend filter along with many other features.

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 The most basic grid system consists of placing buy pending orders above the current market price and sell pending orders below the current price at regular intervals. Each order is configured with a Take Profit equal to the distance between the different levels without any stop loss. The lot size would be the same for all trades.

In hedged grid trading, we place both buy and sell orders at the same time at each grid level. Usually we start with a buy and a sell at the starting price of the grid and then place pending orders for the required number of grid levels. No stop loss is used. The goal is to profit from the price differences between the buy and sell orders while minimizing the overall market exposure.

Unlike the previous two grid strategies, this grid strategy is a trend following strategy and therefore it can be either a bullish or bearish trend following grid strategy. These are suitable for trending markets. Under this strategy we enter the market in line with the trend and then add a grid in the trend’s direction with no stop loss but take profit which will be the same size as the grid space. So we trade only in one direction in this case. 

All the EA settings are explained in the user manual in our knowledge base.

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EA Specs

Product name FRZ Ultimate Scalper
Platform Supported MT4/MT5
Platform Brokers Any
Time frames supported Any
Trading pairs Any

The license quantity represents the no. of trading accounts that you can use the software simultaneously. You can download the software instantly after the payment but you need to notify us of your account number/s for activation. The account licenses can be transferred to a new account free subject to licensing policy. Existing customers are entitled to free lifetime updates subject to our terms. The full terms and conditions including the refund policy are given on this page.

FRZ Ultimate Grid Maker MT4

Personalized support (remote desktop/providing set files) on first installation/automation (please request within 14 days of purchase). General live chat, support ticket and email support are available thereafter. However if you need personalized support (remote desktop/providing set files) for any installation/automation beyond this scope, you can always hire one of our experts at an additional fee. More details on support is given here.

FRZ Ultimate Grid Maker MT4
Current Version 1.1

Please note that the past performance of any trading system is not necessarily indicative of future results. Full terms and conditions are given here.

FRZ Ultimate Grid Maker MT4

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  1. Kelly J

    Nice tool.

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