FRZ Harmonic Scalper MT4

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FRZ Harmonic Scalper is an advanced Expert Advisor (EA) designed for automated scalping in the forex market. This advanced trading tool utilizes harmonic price action patterns to identify high-probability trading opportunities across various currency pairs.

Key Features

  • Harmonic Pattern Detection: The EA identifies advanced harmonic patterns, predicting potential price reversals with precision.
  • Automated Trade Execution: Upon detecting a trading opportunity, the EA automatically places buy or sell orders based on the signal type, optimizing your trading strategy.
  • Optimized for M15 Charts: The EA operates on 15-minute charts, perfect for capturing short-term market movements and maximizing scalping opportunities.
  • Advanced Filtering Algorithm: It employs a sophisticated algorithm to filter out low-probability trades, ensuring only the most promising trades are executed.
  • Cloud-Based Fundamental and Sentimental Analysis: The EA integrates inputs from cloud-based fundamental and sentimental data sources, providing a comprehensive market analysis for informed trading decisions.
  • Built-In News Filter: To avoid high-impact news events that can cause market volatility, the EA includes a news filter, safeguarding your trades from unexpected market shifts.
  • Related-Pair Avoidance: This feature prevents the EA from placing trades on correlated currency pairs simultaneously, reducing risk and exposure to market fluctuations.

Live Real Account Performance on fxblue (Broker: FBS):

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Monthly Return %

Installation Video (This is for an older version)

Installation Steps

1. Go to MetaTrader>Options>Expert Advisors and tick “Allow automated trading” and allow the following URLs under MetaTrader options:

2. Copy and EA to the MetaTrader Expert folder

3. Restart/refresh your MetaTrader

4. Load the EA to any supported pair on M15

5. If your broker’s pair names have any prefix or suffix add them under settings.

6. Change the lot size and other settings as necessary

EA Specs

Product name FRZ Harmonic Scalper
Platforms Supported MT4/MT5
Time frame 15 Minute Charts
Recommended pairs Any currency pair. Major pairs recommended
Suitable market sessions Works on any session
Recommended broker Any broker with low spreads/ECN accounts recommended
Minimum deposit, leverage, and lot size

$500 Minimum on 500:1 leverage. If leverage is less than this, you may have to increase the minimum deposit. Cent accounts can also be used.

FRZ Harmonic Scalper MT4

The license quantity represents the no. of trading accounts that you can use the software simultaneously. You can download the software instantly after the payment but you need to notify us of your account number/s for activation. The account licenses can be transferred to a new account free subject to licensing policy. Existing customers are entitled to free lifetime updates subject to our terms. The full terms and conditions including the refund policy are given on this page.

FRZ Harmonic Scalper MT4

Personalized support (remote desktop/providing set files) on first installation/automation (please request within 14 days of purchase). General live chat, support ticket and email support are available thereafter. However if you need personalized support (remote desktop/providing set files) for any installation/automation beyond this scope, you can always hire one of our experts at an additional fee. More details on support is given here.

FRZ Harmonic Scalper MT4
Current version 12

The user manual is available on the knowledgebase.

Please note that the past performance of any trading system is not necessarily indicative of future results. Full terms and conditions are given here

FRZ Harmonic Scalper MT4

9 reviews for FRZ Harmonic Scalper MT4

  1. Kawth F

    Can we backtest this ?

    • ForexRobotz


  2. Geha

    What is the timeframe allowed?

    • ForexRobotz

      check specs

  3. Uthapn

    How do you find harmonic patterns?

    • ForexRobotz

      We are using an indicator (provided)

  4. Israel Garbutt

    Thank you. so far so good

  5. Ennio McEwan

    Probably the best harmonic EA. captures most of patterns. Will try this month

  6. Nirav Spurling

    Not bad although it missed some good opportunities. still profitable and worth it

  7. Jasen Roy

    Great product. Works like a charm

  8. Edith Ryals

    So far so good. thanks for the setup support

  9. Anil H

    Good robot.

  10. Henney M.

    The new H1 version is a blast! Supper happy to have found this EA. This is probably the best price action pattern trading robot out there! Thank you for support in installation.

  11. Harin L

    Getting over 75% win rate within last 2 weeks. Hope it will continue that way!

  12. Ajay Singh

    Can you provide the backtest for H1 as indicated in the description? Thankyou

  13. Jah

    Can we use this for traders view?

    • ForexRobotz

      No sorry. this is for MT4 only

  14. Heshin Jamil

    Doing good!. Use it on many charts to get more trades; it wont take trades on all at once.

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