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FRZ Breakout Scalper MT4 is an expert adviser (EA) that trades quick price breakouts. The logic behind it is simple. It looks at the speed of the price movement to make entries. For instance, if the price goes up by 10 pips in 5 seconds, then EA recognizes it as a bullish breakout and would place a buy trade. You can customize the exact recognition criteria for breakouts under settings.

We recommend a ECN/raw spread broker with a VPS with a latency ideally less than 100ms to your brokers server.

EA Specs

Product name FRZ Breakout Scalper
Platform supported MT4
Time frames supported One-minute chart
Supported pairs EA works with any forex pair. Major pairs can be recommended with default settings.
Minimum deposit required Minimum $200 (on 500:1 leverage)
Lot sizing 0.01 lot for each $200 in the account per pair (Aggressive mode)
0.01 lot for each $500 in the account pair (Normal Mode)Above are considering 500:1 leverage.
Recommended broker Any broker with low spread (ECN/Raw spread account is necessary). We can recommend ICMarkets. You an use our IB code: 23649 to receive a 30% lifetime discount from ICMarkets on spreads/commissions.
Current version 4.0

Video Introduction


Please note that the past performance of any trading system is not necessarily indicative of future results. Full terms and conditions are given here

FRZ Breakout Scalper MT4 – Breakout EA

14 reviews for FRZ Breakout Scalper MT4 – Breakout EA

  1. Dumona Jai

    Works well so fat. took 4 trades in a week with $273 profit.

  2. Freddie Gorecki

    Worked really good. It captures any spike in charts be it news or anything. Makes some good profit with it. Thanks for support.

  3. John Benton

    Great! it takes all sudden spikes. Make sure you have an ECN broker with fast execution

  4. David Garner

    It made some losses initially but recovered soon enough. Well done! Thanks for the support

  5. Myke Doner

    Simple logic but effective

  6. Christopher D

    Thanks. One week – made $300!

  7. Evgeny Firsov

    Hi, it looks great so far. I’ve noticed that you usually let set fixed lot per trade. Would be very helpful to make it a %’ge of current balance, so it will compound automatically. So instead of lot size you enter %’ge. Just a suggestion. Thanks.

    • ForexRobotz

      Thank you. We may add this option in the next update

  8. wawan nento


  9. Abugan jr Jayar

    Can i use these i to live account

    • ForexRobotz


  10. shahrul


  11. Lenox Green

    I have been using the FRZ Breakout Scalper for a few weeks now. This is an excellent EA and gives good profits. I recommend reducing the Max Concurrent Trades Per Pair down to 6 in order to reduce risk. EA works well on major pairs with fast VPS and Raw account, the recommended IC Markets account works very well with this EA.

  12. Ron Sa

    Very nice product.

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Got something to discuss?

4 years 3 months ago

Does it trade news events?

4 years 15 days ago

Yes it trades any breakout

4 years 1 month ago

can i use it on any timeframe?

4 years 22 days ago

One minute chart only

Perara Manun
4 years 1 month ago

How much profit can it make?

4 years 11 days ago

check out the backtest reports

3 years 10 months ago

can this robot use to trade the XAU USD pair?

3 years 10 months ago


3 years 10 months ago

hi, I had just brought the breakout EA, can I check what is the recommended account size to use this EA?

3 years 10 months ago

Any account size ok but lot size to be decided based on your account size. E.g. if you have less than $250, then 0.01 lot size is ok

3 years 9 months ago

Is not possible to use it on the Daily chart?
On the tester, it scalps better on the higher time frame or is there something wrong with my MT4.

3 years 9 months ago

It is designed for one minute chart but if you want we can enable daily chart too with no additional cost

Ron Sa
1 month 21 days ago

EA works very well! Maybe some better setting for TP and or Breakeven.. These are very tight and close with almost no profit (when more trades are open and goes for break even)

1 month 7 days ago

Why does the loWhy does the lot increase not work for me?t increase not work for me?

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