FRZ Dynamo Swing Trading System

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FRZ Dynamo Swing Trading System is a manual swing trading system that can be used to trade on H4 or daily timeframes on any pair on Meta Trader 4. The trading system aims to identify the market swings at the initial stages with the support of several technical indicators such as stochastic, RSI, EMA, HMA and Heikin Ashi candles.

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There are two types of trade that you can take. One is cross over trades and the other is continuation trades.

Crossover entry rules:

  1. The HMA line is green and has crossed above the yellow line for buy trades, OR the HMA Line and is red and has crosses below the yellow line for sell trades.
  2. The Heikin Ashi candles must have recently changed from red to blue for buy trades and from blue to red for sell trades. 
  3. The two stochastic lines and the RSI line should be above 50 line for buy trades and below 50 for sell trades. 
  4. There is no nearby resistance zone for buys or support zone for sells. 

Continuation entry rules:

You have already closed a crossover trade due to stop loss or take profit. The yellow EMA line has not crossed the HMA line and the Stochastics and RSI has not crossed 50 line either signifying a continuing trend. Heiken Ashi candles changed the color to opposite and again turned back to previous color. The three lines in the sub window are in agreement.

There are some other points to consider when using this system:

  • When entering trades, it is better to enter on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd candle after the HMA line crossing the yellow line; otherwise your entry would be too late.
  • Don’t enter just after a large candle, as the price can go back quickly. 
  • Don’t enter a trade when the last completed candle has a long wick towards the trading side.
  • We always refer to the last completed candle for entry and exit rules. Do not use the current candle for entry or exit consideration.


Product name FRZ Turbo Scalping System (Manual System)
Platforms Supported MT4
Time frame H4 or Daily
Recommended pairs Any
Recommended broker Any broker
Current version 1.0
FRZ Dynamo Swing Trading System

1 review for FRZ Dynamo Swing Trading System

  1. Hiren Mathiew

    Thank you for the free system. Worked fine on daily chart

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