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FRZ News Trader MT4 is a fully automated forex news trading robot that you can just set up for once and for all and then it will run without any manual work as long as your MT4 is up and running. This robot follows a pending order strategy where two buy and sell pending orders are placed just before the high impact news releases. It uses an advanced algorithm to determine TP, SL, and Trailing Stop based on market conditions.

EA Specs

Product name FRZ News Trader EA
Current version 9.0
Platform supported MT4
Timeframes supported 01-minute chart
Supported pairs Any
No of trades a month It can be only a few or more trades a month with the default settings. You may adjust he settings to increase the trading.
Recommended broker Any broker with low spreads and fast execution during news-times
Recommended min. deposit Any amount. But do not risk more than 2% of your balance per trade.

A VPS server is recommended for this EA as it needs to be running 24/7.

User manual is available in the knowledgebase


Installation Video:

NB: This is for an older version. In v9.0, you dont need to set the time difference manually. It is automatically adjusted now.

Recommended Pairs for Different News:

  • USD News: AUDUSD
  • EUR News: EURAUD
  • GBP News: EURGBP
  • CAD News: AUDCAD
  • NZD News: AUDNZD
  • AUD News: EURAUD

You may, of course, have more than one chart for one news. For instance, you can have several pairs with USD to target a US news event. But, this will, in turn, increase the risk.

Please note that past performance of any trading system is not necessarily indicative of future results. Full terms and conditions are given here

FRZ News Trader MT4

8 reviews for FRZ News Trader MT4

  1. Jan

    Does it work on MT5?

    • ForexRobotz

      This is for MT4

  2. Jacob L

    Does it make pending orders?

    • ForexRobotz


  3. Kathier

    How many account do you provide?

    • ForexRobotz

      3 per purchase

  4. Hela M

    Do I need a VPS to run this?

    • ForexRobotz

      Not necessary but recommended

  5. Pete Kane

    It works well. I had 5 trades in the first week and 4 got profitable. So far doing well. And thanks for the great support

  6. Kamal K

    Works well. It made 7 profits out of 10 trades during the first two weeks.

  7. Jane Smith

    Best news EA for sure. Great support. Recommended

  8. Hanny M

    Good. so far profitable. Thanks

  9. Sunith

    Really good. worth the price. It catches most of the good trades. TP level is dynamic and perfectly placed by EA. Recommended.

  10. Emerich

    No doubt. this is the best news trader out there! I have used it for the last 3 months and I have got around 12.5% monthly return on average.

  11. Adi

    Hi, can this EA really be backtested? How can it identify past economic calendars?

    • ForexRobotz

      Backtesting might not work (unless we use custom designed tools for this) because EA downloads only current data from

  12. Janak H

    Best news robot for sure. Made over $500 in a week.

  13. Manfred

    I am impressed and would give it a try.

  14. Samuel

    Mine says “Error no trading currency” what does that mean?

    • ForexRobotz

      Pls read the manual pdf

  15. Ashiru Abdulhamid

    Hello,please can this robots works on small account like $100.

    • ForexRobotz

      Yes. Pls read the user manual pdf

  16. srdjanmiljkovic018

    Does this EA use Martingales ?

    • FRZ

      its optional

  17. DK

    Hi, what other currencies does this ea work on, can i add more forex pairs then what is recomended on the description?

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