FRZ NNFX Trading Assistant Pro MT4 DEMO


This is the DEMO version of the NNFX Trading Assistant Pro designed for popular No Nonsense Forex (NNFX) method traders. Please note you need to keep your MT4 working with our Trading Assistant in order for its features to work.Please read the PDF manual before use.

DEMO limits:

  • Works only in DEMO accounts
  • Works only in EURUSD
  • Only 2 trades per run

Features in the Pro Version:

Auto Partial Close on Reaching TP

EA can automatically close the trade partially when the TP level is reached subject to the settings. If the trade is partially closed, then the SL will be moved to breakeven and optionally a trailing stop can be used for the remaining partial trade.


EA features EURO FX VIX index which is automatically updated from You can specify how often you need to update it under settings. Make sure you have allowed under MT4 options.

Inbuilt News Updates

News updates are built-in and the EA will show all the up-coming high impact news events on the chart as vertical lines. News updated are automatically downloaded from All the upcoming news of the relevant pair + USD will be displayed on chart as vertical lines. Please add under allowed urls in MT4 settings for this to work properly.

News Guard

News guard protects on-going trades from sudden large movements due to news spikes. EA will shrink the stop loss just before the news release and then reset the stop loss to the previous levels just after the news release if the SL was not hit. (You can set when should shrink and when should reset under settings).

Weekend Guard

If you keep trades over the weekend, there is a risk that there are major fluctuations in the weekend causing the price to hit SL at the start of the market on Monday. To protect the account from this risk, the EA can shrink the stop loss few minutes before the end of Friday and then reset the stop loss to the previous levels few minutes after the Monday open.

PDF Manual is included with the product explaining these settings.

FRZ NNFX Trading Assistant Pro MT4 DEMO


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