Installation Guide

NB: This is for MT4 but similar approach is used in MT5 too.

For quick setup, just use one indicator with buy and sell signals with our entry optimization which is enabled by default. Having tested thousands of indicators for years, we have noticed that this is the best way of creating a successful automated system. Whatever your current strategy is, we recommend you to first try this way which could increase your chances of making a successful automated system.

Video guide on this quick setup (based on older version):

Step 1

Go to file, Open Data Folder => MQL => Experts folder. Then place the Indicator Automater EA (.ex4 file) under your MT4’s Experts folder

Step 2

Add your primary indicator name exactly as the indicator file name (without .ex4) under Setting 1.

If your indicator is located within a sub folder in the Indicators folder, please add the folder path correctly. E.g. if your indicator is located inside Market folder then it should be “Market/Super Arrow Indicator

Step 3

Identify your indicator’s buy and sell buffer/color numbers from your indicator as given in the below example.

NB: We are considering a buffer based indicator here; if your indicator is based on objects rather than buffer/color numbers, you need to adjust object based settings as necessary. Please read those setting descriptions and setup accordingly.

Step 4

Now simply enter the previously identified buffer/color numbers for buy and sell under setting 6 & 7 respectively as given in the following example.

That’s simply it! Just leave all other settings as defaults for now. You now can use these settings to run back tests on strategy tester or live test with a DEMO account.

Installation Guide