Setting 83-86: Other Signal Filtering Options

Setting 83: Enable Choppy Market Filter: You can optionally enable a choppy/ranging market filter where your indicators’ signals will be filtered by the EA. The EA uses its own algorithm to detect choppy/ranging markets and any signals given by indicator during these periods will be ignored by the indicator. Please note that no trades will be opened and no trades will be closed during the identified choppy markets. This feature may be used to increase the accuracy of your indicator.

E.g. Choppy/ranging market areas:

Setting 84: Choppy Market Filter Level (0-100): You can select the intensity of the choppy market filter from 0 to 100 (100 being the strictest filtering).

Setting 85: EMA Filter: Signal filtering based on Exponential Moving Average (EMA): You can also filter the signals of your indicator based on an EMA line, which can be enabled or disabled here. If you enable the EMA filter, your indicator’s signals will be filtered as follows: Buy trade/order will be executed from a buy signal from your indicator only if the price is above the EMA line at the time of the signal, and vice versa for the Sell trades/orders.

Setting 86: EMA Period for the EMA Filter: Here you can specify the EMA period to be used in above EMA filtering.

Setting 83-86: Other Signal Filtering Options