Additional Support Session (25 Mins)


Before ordering paid support, we recommend you first refer to our knowledgebase which contains detailed user manuals along with video tutorials for most of our products. You can also use our forum to post your questions. You may hire support staff only if you are unable to resolve your issues/concerns with those means.

Make sure you have installed Anydesk and are familiar with it before ordering as remote support, if necessary, is provided via Anydesk.


Premium Product Support

We provide free personalized support (via remote desktop, providing set files, or otherwise) for the first installation/automation of our premium/paid products within 14 days of purchase. General live chat and support ticket are available thereafter.

Free Product Support

We do not offer personalized support for free products online but you can post your questions on our forum.

However, if you need personalized support beyond the above scope on any installation/automation, we can provide the same at an additional fee as given above.

Please note the terms & conditions of this service:

  • A single session can be up to 25 minutes only.
  • There is no guarantee that your issue will be resolved.
  • We do not offer refunds even if your issue is not able to be resolved as this payment is only for the time and effort of our staff.
  • In the case of Indicator Automater, we can provide support for a maximum of 2 indicators per session.
  • If remote desktop support is required, then a third-party remote support software such as Anydesk will be used. You need to have such software installed on your computer.
  • We provide text chat support only (no voice support) via Telegram or WhatsApp (however you may send voice messages).

If you agree with the above terms and conditions, you can use the above “add to cart” button to proceed with the purchase. Once the payment is done, please contact us on our website live chat to arrange a mutually available time.

Additional Support Session (25 Mins)
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