Using Set Files

We provide 4 set files for several common trading patterns. Set files are not customized for your indicator but they provide background settings for each given scenario. You need to add your indicators buffers/object details before you can use these set files. All set files use ATR based stop loss/take profit which you can disable under Setting 29. Set files use spot trading and if you want to trade futures, please enable setting 2. Also set files use 0.01 lot size on MT4 and a Binance ratio of 0.1 which you can adjust on Setting 26 & 6.

We recommend you try one of the first two set file templates and compare the results with your own custom setups before deciding on the one to be used. Please make sure that you back test your strategy on MT4 strategy tester for at least few years in to the past before connecting with Binance.

  1. Default – Entry Optimizing (DCA) Based on Indicator Signal

This is a simple DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) setup where a trade is triggered whenever a signal is generated by your indicator/s with virtual TP (as set by Setting 27 or 31). There is no stop loss used; instead, the EA will add new positions (with partial martingale, which you can adjust on Setting 58) in the same direction at each new signal generated by your indicator/s. The virtual TP will be adjusted based on the average price whenever a new trade is added. Once the average TP is reached, all the positions will be closed.

  1. Entry Optimizing (DCA) Based on Stop Loss

This is also a DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) method. The only difference from the previous one is how the new positions are added. Under this DCA method, new positions are added at each stop loss level as defined by setting 27 or 30. Everything else would be same as the first set file.

  1. One Trade Per Signal with TP & SL

This is a simple setup where a trade is triggered whenever a signal is generated by your indicator/s with dynamic stop loss (SL) & take profit (TP) based on ATR (Average True Range). TP & SL are both 1x ATR. You can only use this method if your indicator/s has a good win rate. There will be only one trade per signal with TP/SL.

  1. Signal to Signal Trading

This is a signal to signal trading template with no TP & SL. Trade is entered when a signal is given by your indicator/s. Once a trade is entered, it will be only closed by the next opposite signal and a new trade will be created in the new direction. So there will be an active trade all the time. This method is often not profitable and not recommend without detailed testing on MT4.

NB: All above set file settings can be adjusted/customized as per your liking; please read this user manual relating to the subject setting number before making changes.

Using Set Files