This is a trading assistant tool (EA) designed for the popular NNFX method traders. It features on-screen Buy and Sell button that will create trades with SL and TP that are based on ATR. Lot size is based on the % of the balance. CLOSE button will close all trades. P/CLOSE will partially close the trades and move the SL to Breakeven. Optionally, you can activate a trailing stop for the continuation trades.

All given options are customizable under settings. Further, this EA enables trading as per FIFO rules and thus fully supported for US brokers. Please note if you are using automated partial close and trailing stop functions, you need to have the EA running on chart throughout the trade.

NB: Trading buttons can be dragged and moved to any place on chart.

Additional features

Auto Partial Close on Reaching TP

EA can automatically close the trade partially when the TP level is reached subject to the settings. If the trade is partially closed, then the SL will be moved to breakeven and optionally a trailing stop can be used for the remaining partial trade.


EA features EURO FX VIX index which is automatically updated from You can specify how often you need to update it under settings. Make sure you have allowed under MT4 options.

Inbuilt News Updates

News updates are built-in and the EA will show all the up-coming high impact news events on the chart as vertical lines. News updated are automatically downloaded from All the upcoming news of the relevant pair + USD will be displayed on chart as vertical lines.