FRZ Crypto Automater MT4 is an MT4 expert adviser (EA) tool that can automate indicator based trading strategies on crypto exchanges (currently Binance). It is done by coping the trades entered by MT4 platform to Binance trading platform via its API access. The EA can be used to trade on Binance Spot or Futures market based on signals from one or more MT4 indicators along with many other filters you can use to improve the accuracy of your strategy. The good thing is you can back test your strategy on MT4 before you deploy them on Binance.

Supported Pairs: Any MT4 crypto pair that has a corresponding pair on Binance

Note on the risks on price differences on MT4 & Binance: The EA will enter trades on Binance based on your MT4 broker’s chart prices; however, the prices on Binance (especially Futures) may be different from your MT4 broker’s prices. This difference can be significant if you trade on small timeframes (like M1 & M5) or with too small take profit and stop loss levels. Therefore it is better to have an MT4 broker that has minimum price differences from Binance; we can recommended ICMarkets as a broker but still price differences are unavoidable.

Key features:

  • Trade based on indicator buffer signals or objects
  • Filter signal indicator with a second indicator
  • Optional exit indicator
  • Additional entry filters: MA line filter & choppy market filter
  • Optional Martingale
  • News Filter
  • Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) with 2 entry types