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First, try to get it to trade with default settings with a single indicator. For most of the buffer-based indicators, EA should start making trades if you simply update the EA name and buffer numbers for buy and sell signals. Later, you can try adding more indicators and advanced settings. You can also use the given set files, which would cover the most of the common indicator-based trading strategies.

Some of the common issues/mistakes include the following:

>>The indicator name is mistyped – always copy the name from the indicator file itself to avoid errors (without .exe4/5)

>>The indicator is located in a subfolder – in this case, you need to provide the folder path like Market/Indicator_Name

>>Indicator repaints or paints the signal on a later candle than the immediately completed candle – by default, Automater looks at the immediately completed candle for signals. You can increase this candle ID under setting 8. For instance, you can make it 2 or more depending on your indicator.

>>The indicator is an object-based indicator rather than a buffer-based indicator – If your indicator is a buffer-based one, you should be able to change the colors under the Colors tab under the Indicator settings (not under the Inputs tab). If your indicator is an object-based indicator, then you need to change the settings accordingly as per this manual.

>>You are using custom indicator settings – for buffer-based indicators, you can only use the default settings of your indicator while for object-based indicators, you can use any settings. Make sure you use default settings if it is a buffer-based indicator.

>>Your indicator needs some kind of license code to be entered under settings – buffer-based indicators can not be used in this case but object-based indicators can still be used.

>>Your indicator’s both buy and sell buffer numbers are the same (this could happen in MT5 indicators) – buffer-based indicators can not be used in this case but object-based indicators can still be used.

>>Using set files: we have given some set files for some common indicator based trading strategies. Please read the manual on set files. Then load the required set file and then set the indicator details.

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