User Manual

NB: This is an aggressive trading robot with DCA averaging. There can be extended drawdown periods if the market goes against us. Always withdraw profits whenever you reach 25%of the deposit. And use an equity based stop loss based on your risk apatite (Minimum 25% equity stop loss is recommended). 

FRZ Ultimate Scalper is an advanced, aggressive EA robot designed to work on M5 charts on MT4. It uses a proprietary smart averaging system with an optional lot maximizing feature and a drawdown recovery algorithm. It also includes a choppy market filter and volatility filter that can effectively recognize the unsuitable market conditions for the EA to operate.

Backtesting: Back testing would not provide accurate results as some of the functions of the EA does not work well on back testing. However, you can do a back testing to get a rough idea. 


Product name FRZ Ultimate Scalper
Platform Supported MT4
Time frames supported M15
Supported currency pairs EA works on any currency pair. But following are recommended: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY & AUDUSD
Recommended min. deposit Minimum $500 ($1000 recommended). Cent accounts can also be used.
Recommended lot sizing 0.01 lot size for each $1000 of the deposit per pair (recommended)
0.01 lot size for each $500 of the deposit per pair (Standard mode)
Back testing Back-testing is possible but it might not produce accurate results without special preparations as news and some of logics might not work properly in back-testing. Forward testing is recommended with a demo.
Current version 9.5

We recommend that you withdraw the profit whenever balance reaches 25% return on capital invested at least until you fully recover your initial deposit.

How to Install

1.Go to MT4>Options>Expert Advisors and tick “Allow automated trading”
2.Copy and EA to the MT4 Expert folder
3.Restart/refresh your MT4
4.Load the EA to the charts you want
5.Change the lot size and other parameter if necessary

EA Settings

Setting Explanations:

  1. Lot Size => Here you can set the lot size.
  • 0.01 lot size for each $1000 of the deposit per pair (recommended)
  • 0.01 lot size for each $500 of the deposit per pair (Standard mode)
  1. Take Profit => You can set the TP in points here.
  2. Virtual Stop Loss => You can set the SL in points here. Stop loss is virtual and only serves as a point to DCA averaging with additional entries.
  3. Maximum concurrent trades => You can set the maximum simultaneous trades that can be opened on DCA averaging.
  4. Use an equity based stop loss => You can enable or disable equity based stop loss.
  5. Max allowed equity loss % => This is the max allowed equity loss for the account.
  6. & 8. Trading start/end time => Here you can set EA start and stop time.
  7. Filter too volatile markets => You can enable or disable volatile market filter.
  8. Enable emergency exits => You can enable or disable emergency exits.
  9. Enable excessive spread filter => You can filter high spread times if you enable this.
User Manual