FRZ One Cancels Other (OCO) Order Maker

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This is an OCO (One Cancels Other) order maker. This EA provides a button on the chart. When the button is pressed/clicked, the EA creates two buy and sell pending orders from a specified distance from the current price.  Once the price reaches any one of the pending orders, the other gets automatically canceled. You can drag move the pending order as you like. This EA also features stop loss, take profit, trailing stop and expiration time for pending.

EA Specs

Platform MT4
Timeframes Any
Currency pairs Any
Allowed Accounts Any

FRZ One Cancels Other (OCO) Order Maker

4 reviews for FRZ One Cancels Other (OCO) Order Maker

  1. Cham D

    Great free tool. Thanks

  2. Henyi K



    Great tool BUT! I was wanting the SELL STOP at the top and the BUT STOP at the bottom. Imagine how great it would be if we had the option to reverse them.

    • ForexRobotz

      You can get it custom developed.

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