FRZ Invisible Stops Maker MT4

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This EA robot can create orders/trades with stop loss and take profit levels, which are invisible to the broker.

This EA places horizontal lines instead of stop-loss or take-profit levels. These lines work within the MT4 and not known to the broker’s server. When the price hits one of the lines, stop loss or take profit, as the case may be, is triggered.  However, these lines work as long as the robot is running. In case, the computer goes off, the trade can be without any take profit or stop loss level. To overcome this issue, hard stop loss and take profit also maintained 1.5 times away from the actual invisible stop loss and take profit. These will serve as emergency stops.

This an EA/robot places four quick buttons on the chart to easily make buy/sell orders or pending orders with invisible stop loss and take profit levels.

All types of orders can have predetermined invisible take profit and stop loss levels. In addition, the pending orders work as OCO (one cancels other), meaning that if you place both pending buy order and a pending sell order, when one order is executed, the other gets deleted.

EA Specs

Platform MT4
Timeframes Any
Currency pairs Any
Allowed Accounts Any



Here is a video of how to install and use this robot:

FRZ Invisible Stops Maker MT4

3 reviews for FRZ Invisible Stops Maker MT4

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    how can i download this ?

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Does it has a news filter?

3 years 10 months ago


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